SCI Treasure Valley General Information

SCI Treasure Valley is strongly committed to preserving our right to hunt and carrying on our long hunting heritage in Idaho. We donate our time and financial resources to projects designed to help in areas of conservation, education, humanitarian assistance, young people and political influence. In fact 70% of all dollars raised in Idaho stays in Idaho.

Organization Purpose

The purpose of SCI Treasure Valley is to increase the popularity of our common hunting interests. As our membership continues to grow and expand our ability to do more for Idaho sportsmen and women will also grow. We have fun while we are together and working on conservation, education and humanitarian projects. By developing relationships and friendships, SCI Treasure Valley will become even stronger.

It is the mission of SCI Treasure Valley to preserve, promote, and protect the rights of the hunter. SCI Treasure Valley sponsors the education of citizens to the importance hunting plays in wildlife management. SCI Treasure Valley provides funds and volunteers to facilitate wildlife conservation and habitat improvement projects.

Humanitarian Projects

Coats for Kids Treasure Valley
Annual Kids Conservation Day – Provide outdoor experiences for kids

Conservation Projects

$2,000 for Emergency Elk Feeding
$2,000 for Emergency Turkey Feeding

Humanitarian Projects

Sensory Safari Trailer – over $75,000 to build and maintain at schools and other events
American Wilderness Leadership School – over $20,000 to send teachers yearly to learn about wildlife management and to support AWLS building fund.
A special Thank You! SCI Treasure Valley Board Member Dan Sweet for coordinating visits to local schools with the SCI Sensory Safari Trailer.
In the last few months the trailer has visited:
Treasure Valley Christian School
Caldwell High School
Caldwell Middle School
Horseshoe Bend School
Eagle Christian Academy
Middleton Grade School