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Welcome to the Safari Club International - Treasure Valley Chapter Website

As a Chapter Member of Safari Club International we would like to welcome you to our web site!

Safari Club International is the leader in protecting the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide. SCI fights tirelessly to protect the hunting heritage enjoyed by 15 million Americans and 45 million families around the globe. Together, we help every sportsman and sportswoman understand how and why SCI is truly "First for Hunters."

2014 Hunters' Grand Banquet

coolwater facilities.jpg 

June 21, 2014

Coolwater Creek Event Center

7355 S. Eagle Road, Meridian

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Litigation Newsletter, February 2014

Recently, SCI set itself apart from animal rights groups that litigate on behalf of wildlife by putting its litigation money into genuine conservation. When SCI’s litigation team earned a modest attorney fee award from the federal government in one of its lawsuits, Safari Club decided to directly invest that money in conservation and research for the species at issue in the litigation. Click below to read Newsletter..........


Should The Idaho Public Support 
Wolf Control?
This is one sportsman, who considers himself a conservationist an environmentalist, responding to the flurry of discussion supporting and opposing the Governor’s proposal for a $2 million state wolf control fund. Governor Otter’s proposal (HB 470) is an attempt to reduce the State’s wolf population to a responsible, manageable and sustainable number.

Why is HB 470 important to the general public? It provides an opportunity for agriculture, timber, business, the sporting community and others to come together for the benefit of all of Idaho’s wildlife.  It is no longer the wolf that is endangered, but instead the wildlife the wolves feed upon. In some areas of the state the moose, elk, and deer have all but disappeared.​ Click here to read full story...​ 

ELK HUNTING...the easy way

Shane's Elk.jpg

After researching Idaho’s elk seasons, I decided my utilitar- ian/conservationist hunting beliefs would be best fit with a cow hunt. While I must admit, I have the desires of a 300+ bull and a 180+ mule deer buck, I am aware that my career, resources, and purpose keep me open to alternative hunts. .... Read the rest in the Tracker (click here)


Banquet 2014
coolwater facilities.jpg